Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Something Fun To Share

Paper Swap Blog
Last summer I found the most fun group.  I joined and have had 
a delightful time.

Each month we swap paper.  (You can sign up for the year or just by the month) My 93 year old mother things I am nuts.

Today I received a package from another swapper in Canada.
It's fun because I meet new people and get interesting papers from different places. 
Some papers I keep and use.  And some I trade.  Here is one I got today that I am keeping for sure  . . . 
This piece Wendy made.  It just spoke to me.  I would love to frame it. But doubt I can find a frame to fit.  But it would sit nicely on an easel on my desk.  
Alot of swappers include really cute images they have cut with punches.  I love these butterflies.  I'll be using some in a couple of journals that I am trying to finish for a couple of special ladies. 
A few months ago a special swap started.  It was a brown bag 
filled with blue images and paper.  The swap is going around the world.  I will be receiving it soon.  I hope.  I'll pull out up to 20 pieces and then put in the amount I keep and then send it on. 
I am looking forward to receiving it.  

Another swap I did last year and will do again this November is the post card swap.  Here are a few I received.
This one came from Germany.  It is a simple painted and stamped project.
This one came from California.  This postcard is layered with papers received from other places.  I like the stamp.  I am saving stamps for a project. 
 This one came from Oklahoma.  I think she read my blog and included the horses for me. 
Another one from Oklahoma.  I thought this one was cute. 

Some are mailed as a regular postcard.  Some come in an envelope.  This one came all the way from Germany.  

The paperswap project is a  super fun way to meet new people.

I love getting mail from different places!  

If you interested in the project go over here to the blog. 

Are you interested in swapping/sending Christmas cards?  I
am putting together a Christmas card swap. 
 I would love you to join.  Email or comment if you want to join!

Thanks for stopping in.  I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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