Monday, September 18, 2017

Book Spotlight On Sale Today--Vangie Vale and the Corpseless Custard

I enjoyed book 1 in the series so I was delighted to help the author with announcing book 2.  Check it out!


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Sometimes karma wears a clergy collar and calls herself the Matchbaker… 
Vangie Vale is back, after solving the mystery of the murdered macaron! Her small tourist town in Montana has finally recovered from the upheaval of a major murder, and she thinks all that Sherlocking is behind her.
What could be wrong with attending a Bunco group with a friend, in a nearby town, and making a few custards for the guest of honor?
Nothing at all…except that guest of honor never shows up. And when her body is discovered, everyone at the Bunco group is a suspect. Vangie has to work overtime to fulfill all her responsibilities back in Saint Agnes, and also keep herself out of the murder-spotlight.

Check out the second book in the celebrated Matchbaker Mysteries series, written by “a fresh voice in the cozy mystery genre”. The Corpseless Custard is a clean, cozy, crazy romp with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Preorder yours today!

RECIPE INCLUDED: The Corpseless Custard
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