Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

Sharing today a little bit of my thrifty shopping, decorating and gardening.  

I've been trying for months to put together a gallery wall. 
It's not complete but I had to give you a peek . . . 
I'm totally lovin' it!  I paid a whole $1.00 for each frame.  Two of them had prints the other was just the frame.  

My thriftiness this week included something yummy too . . . 
This box of yumminess was meant for smoothies but it was still so fresh that The Cowboy and our grandson ate some with ranch. 
I cooked another batch on Sunday.  And then on Monday I cooked the rest.  My favorite way to cook fresh spinach is sauteed in a pan that I've cooked a few pieces of chopped bacon.  I take the bacon out add butter throw in my spinach and some salt and pepper.  Cover with a glass lid so I can see what's going on and just let it cook.  Yummy!

And, guess what I have in my garden!
My first tomato!

I did a little plant shopping to finish filling out the pots on the front porch.  
The pot beside Daisy has two sweet potato vines.  I was determinded this year to get some.  Last year I was too late and couldn't find green only the purple.  It is in a pot with a grass that bought last year for $2.50.  I bought two only 1 survived. My fault I never got them transplanted. 

Behind Daisy the pot with the white flowers.  Which I mistakenly thought were Lantana.  And actually it might be a kind of Lantana
but it's not what I remember as a kid . . . 
Thursday Flowers Cropped:
This week I added the 'real thing' the orange and yellow I remember.   The big green plant is actually 2 chrysanthemums that I bought in the fall for $2.50.  I think I probably should have cut them back.  They have teeny tiny blooms now but don't look like they are going to flower. 
This is the pot I that I showed earlier with Daisy.  You can see the grass in the middle better.  I added Vinca and Salvia.  I'm really happy now with the way it looks.  

I've been working hard on decorating, cooking and gardening on a budget and being thrifty.  

I can't wait for my next project.  We're looking for lamps to make into solar lights for the patio.    

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Madeline's Album said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas and plants. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

shortybear said...

great ideas

Molly the Airedale said...

Lucky you to have tomatoes this early in the year. We sure wish we could!

Laura Lane said...

I enjoyed visiting you and seeing your great finds. I just fried a little bacon. Maybe next time I'll try your spinach idea!
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,