Monday, April 11, 2016

Announcing Tuesday At The Table

Welcome to my new inspiration!  I am a person that really needs rules and boundaries and schedules.  
I struggle with just figuring out what to write about.  So with that 
said my blog is going through some changes. 
Starting tomorrow with   
 Tuesday At The Table . . . (actually started Sunday click here for that post.)
every Tuesday I'll feature something having to do with my dining room table.  I might share a recipe.  Show you a fabulous meal I made.  Or more likely one The Cowboy made.  Show off a Tablescape.  Or I think this is the most fun . . . share one of my Fabulous Blogger friends posts with fabulous photo's of food or tablescapes.  
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I hope you follow me by email.  You can sign up over there on the
side bar.   I do notice however that some of the blogs I get emails from the day after the post.  Don't know what's up with that.
One thing to note.  I will still usually be posting book reviews on Tues.  so if you've signed up for emails forgive me if I've written to posts in a day.  
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With all that said I plan to be writing on specific topics every day. 
But if you've been a follower long you know I get these wild hair's 
now and again and I write and write and write.  I just have these random things pop in my head.  
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Or I'll see something on another blog and it'll get me off going in a new direction so bear with me!  I hope you'll visit often and see what's going on because there's always a lot going on!  
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And, one more thing before I go.  I've been asked about my Happy 
Trails endings.  They will be back!  Come by Wednesday for A Story and a photo and I'll share the story behind Happy Trails.  

I hope you come by tomorrow for the 1st Tuesday At The Table

                                              Have a Blessed Day


Down On The Farm said...

Looking forward to the new blogging ideas :0! Blessings my friend!!!

shortybear said...

love you sweet friend.