Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hear It On Sunday. . .Everyone's Dresses Alike At Our Church

Every Sunday everyone wears the same thing.  You'd think it would make it easy for me to decide what to wear but it isn't . . . 
Occasionally someone will wear a yellow or a green shirt. 

 Everyone else has to dress the same.  Grey T-shirts and jeans or sweat pants. 

 Because our congregation is a group of incarcerated boys.  Our church is in our states juvenile prison.   It's an interesting  congregation.  Probably nothing you've ever experienced.  

Our music is different . . . 

Every video that is played has a message.  Believe it or not.
                                      I raise my hands, bow my head
                  I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
                 They tell me that there's more to life than just what i can see

                                                I can't quote the book
                                              The chapter or the verse
                                             You can't tell me it all ends
                                              In a slow ride in a hearse
                                 You know I'm more and more convinced
                                                The longer that i live
                                                 Yeah, this can't be
                                                   No, this can't be
                                          No, this can't be all there is

Our's isn't a 'regular' church.  But the message is the same.  

Those 'red letters' are important. Those 'red letters' are filled with comfort,
love, compassion, grace and forgiveness.  

I think this week I'll spend some time reading a few red letters.  

                            Wanna' join me? 

         May Your Week Be Blessed and Filled With Jesus

I'm interested if you've enjoyed this new series.  I've enjoyed sharing with you our Sunday messages.  I'd love your comments and input.  Would you like to hear more?  Would you be interested in more music?  Please leave me a