Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra to share a little about my week . . . 
The weather is . . . 
Finally getting to a nice spring.  We had few warm days then rain and cold last week.  It's been 55+ in the mornings and some lovely 70's

Right now I am . . . 
Thinking about my day.  Eating a little breakfast and trying to get this post done before I have to leave for work. 
Yes I got a job.  It might be temporary but at least we'll have a little added income for awhile.

Thinking . . . 
That I am thankful for God's provision.  He truly is into the little things. 

On my t.v. 
Always sports and hunting and a few cooking shows.  The Cowboy spends most of his time watching t.v. and hogging the remote.  HeHe.

On the menu for this week . . . 
It's really frustrating to me when we're so low on money.  I have to end up using up the freezer and pantry.   We always have 
green beans and corn in the pantry.  And usually a variety of canned tomatoes.  It seems to be pretty easy to get these on sale so we do stock up for these seasons of struggle.  

In the freezer we have some 
chicken, a pork tenderloin, and some fish.  

So I'll figure out what I can manage to whip up. 

On my to do list . . . 
Organizing the house.  We've brought some things from storage
mostly books that need to find a place on shelves.  
I have to decide what I can keep and use and what I'll have to pass on.  
Changing the dining room table and mantle.

Looking forward to this week . . .

Looking around the house . . . 
Chaos actually.  I have to get to that 'to do' list.

On my reading list . . . 
 posting review tomorrow

Image result for lynette eason always watching
reading now.

From the camera . . . 

My new cleaning service!  Check out the supervisor!

On my prayer list . . . 
I have a new temporary job (maybe) I am keeping house for a very wealthy (demanding) family.  The previous housekeeper is ill (mostly because of stress).  I took the job on a temporary basis to help out the cleaning company.  So please pray for Michelle the previous keeper and the "L" family 4 kids, 4 dogs and mom and dad and nanny.  

Bible verse or devotional . . . 
                                                      Free Printable! "Let all that you do be done with love.":
Link to the website (here).  I didn't find the printable. 

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