Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hear It On Sunday--Our Church Doesn't Grow

. . . Use it on Monday. 
                                  Welcome to my new series.  
I can't really take credit for Hear On Sunday Use It On Monday. This was a link party I saw a few years ago.   
I've been wanting to write something a little different on Sundays so today I begin a new series sharing what I hear on Sundays. 
We have a different kind of a church service.  Even though we have dynamic musical talent (through video) every week.  And awesome amazing messages our church doesn't grow.  In fact some Sundays our numbers are very, very low.    
I'm going to leave you on the edge of your seat for now and share with you next week about the whys.  Along with a little about our church.  
Today we heard an amazing message titled 
                       "Are You A Fanatic For Jesus?"
This message title hit me right between the eyes.  How did you 
receive it? 
It really got me thinking.  It got everyone in the room thinking. 
The illustration was used about how we (most of us) are fanatical about sports.  Some people are fanatical about other things too.

My father used to love wrestling.  Every Saturday night he watched wresting.  And roller derby.  It was always funny watching the 
'hollywood' of it.  How a wrestler could get hit on the head by a folding chair by another big 'ole guy and just stand there and shack his head and continue on!    Giving my daddy credit he really wasn't fanatical about it.  But it's a good illustration.  

     Today so many people are fanatical about their sports.  
                                        Image result for sport fans
A sports team can fill a stadium but are our churches filled?  

A few years ago my daughter went to a local mega church.  
There was a time that we would sit on the highway waiting to get into the church parking lot.  Now a days there's no wait and it's easy to get a seat.    

I realized today that although I'm not a fanatical sports fan that maybe I need to be a little more fanatical about why I'm here.  
                                       So are you a fan?

         May your week be filled with Blessings!



shortybear said...

nice post my friend.

Laura Lane said...

This is a good point. There's a point where we have to decide whether we're going to be sold out to Jesus or to something else. I think God is bringing his collective church to that decision. I think that question is going to be the key to revival and then a great awakening in our land.

He's got to be more important to us than life itself. Talking to him and about him has to be just as natural as breathing. I pray God will bring that to you, your family, your church, and all of his people.

Hugs to you!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage