Friday, October 10, 2014


I needed a topic today.  Joining 5 Minute Friday for the perfect topic for how I am feeling.
Five Minute Friday hosted by Kate at Heading Home is a link with a topic.  The rule is you write for Five Minutes without thinking hard.  Just what pops into your mind.  No editing.  Just plan sharing what is on you mind or heart.

Go . . .
I care.  I care about how you feel.  I care about how the people around feel and react to me.  I want you to feel that I care.  I want you to feel loved.  I want the people I see everyday to know that I care. 
I want them to see Jesus through me.  I want you to see Jesus through me and know that he cares.  And I hope that you care.
I hope that the people that I see everyday 'care' about me and how I feel.  Because sometimes I just am not sure.  I care.  And I feel.


Sometimes I need you to care.
"Some days you just have to create your own sunshine." #QuotesToLiveBy

I saw this on Pinterest today at work.  It spoke to my heart.  Today I am making my own sunshine.  I hope I am sunshine to you. 

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