Saturday, August 9, 2014

Playing with Pictures

A few pics I played around with . . .

My dog isn't the best at posing. But I try!  She makes me smile
I took this one on July 4th weekend.  I edited on Pic Monkey by using the 'Frosty' edge option.  I would like to try taking her pic here again without the leash.  I'll have to get Cowboy to go with us to help.

Next I tried a different option.  Check this out!
I love the sparkles. It really looks like rays coming off the crown! Perfect for the crown photo!
It's hard to see but the tie around her neck is just a strip of fabric it had hearts on it. 
I had used it to tie my hair up.  This shot was taken at the end of the evening when my Cowboy and I serve a Valentines Dinner to our daughter and grandson. 
In this shot she was recently groomed.  Really, really short.

This next one is probably my favorite . . .
I used Pic Monkey again on this one and did the edges dark. 
I like the way the lighting came through the window.
Here she is shaggy again.  This was just before she was groomed.
She looks peaceful but she is actually pouting.  I was decorating the Christmas tree,  I had told her to stay on the tile in the entry way.  She snuck over to this hide that was laying on the floor.
I had used the hides on the mantel for fall.  

So have you tried Pic Monkey.  It is simple to use.  I only used the free option but you can do more if purchase the upgrade. 

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