Thursday, August 14, 2014

Alphabet Thursday Letter M

 M is for Memories . . .
When I was a child a big part of my life was this Icon.

 My mother was employed at Montgomery Wards.   This is the way I remember the building.
 Since she didn't drive every night I rode with my father to pick her up from work.   I remember many a nights driving between these two buildings and parking at a back door waiting for my mother to come out. 

There is a lot of history behind this old building . . .

The flood went up to the 4th floor. 
I remember stories about the flood . . .
I remember the many years my family was a part of the Montogomery Ward family. 
I watched as a thriving business began to take a down side.  I remember the warehouses and the catalogue business thriving.
Then years later returning and seeing the empty buildings sitting and sadly rotting away. 
It was sad to see.

 But from what was once crumbling sad history arose something new.
Something no one would have ever thought . . .
Instead of allowing this icon to just crumble it was transformed.  Do you notice the opening?  They actually cut the building into a kind of tunnel . . . here is the info from the architect.
And, it seems that almost overnight what was dying became alive and thriving again.

And now Montgomery Ward is making history and memories again.

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