Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vintage Cakes--Cookbook Review

I really enjoy going to the library and checking out new cookbooks.
Here's the latest . . .
  The cover caught my eye.  Yummy!!!!!   And, I love anything Vintage so I knew I would enjoy this cookbook. 

Vintage Cakes offers a fun collection of updated recipes for both classic and forgotten cakes.  Some I was familiar with but some were new to me. 

There are recipes for layer cakes, rolls, bundt cakes and even no-bake cakes. And of course cupcakes!  There are over 50 different recipes with wonderful color photos.  I loved the use of vintage items in the photography. 

The author tested 'old fashioned' grandma recipes and made some changes to update . . .
"I was happy to rid the recipes of any Crisco, Primex, Sweetex and margarine! I replaced the processed fats with good old-fashioned butter for the yummiest flavor and canola oil for tenderizing the crumb and adding moisture to the cake," Richardson said.

This site actually has some of the recipes and great photo's from the cookbook.  Click Here.

I really enjoyed reading this cookbook and looking at the photo's.  I was inspired to try a few of the recipes.

I looked around the internet to see where you might purchase.  It appears to be widely available at
Amazon and a few other places. 

Check it out.  You might consider purchasing a copy for a new bride.  I think it would make a great wedding gift.

Thanks for visiting today.   I am off to the library for a new cookbok to share with you next week.

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Denise said...

Nice review.

Anonymous said...

Well you knew I would love it because it had the word Vintage in it! Thanks.... I love looking at old books and have a few of my mother's old cookbooks....