Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Minute Friday--Friends

Girl Friends,  Best Friends, BFF, Secret Sisters, Sista Chicks . . .
lots of words to discribe a couple or a few girls hanging out;
spending time shopping or lunching or in some circles bar hopping or clubbing . . .

Last Saturday I noticed a group of girls well ladies, mom's sitting together drinking their 3rd pitcher of Margarita's.  They were beginning to get really happy.  We were actually at  Taco Cabanna not some place you would expect to see a group of ladies laughing over a few margaritas. 

But I couldn't help myself as I wondered what it would be like to be a part of their group.

Not because they were drinking margarita's but because they were a group of friends hanging around and having fun.

Today Cowboy and I were driving to the grocery store.  I was looking out the window and noticed two ladies standing outside a business waiting for it to open.  It was a couple minutes till 11:00 the resturant wasn't open yet. 

It seems everywhere you look you can find girls hanging out together. 

Girls being girls.  Girls being friends. 

And I remember all my old friends.  I remember the fun times we had and I miss the friendships. 
I miss just talking on the phone in the afternoon.  Just hanging out shopping, lunching going to classes together . . .

between waking and dreaming

Friends a Blessing from God.  Enjoy and Cherish them.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I am not sure how I would exist without girlfriends.... without them life would not be complete! And girlfriends WITH margaritas? Doesn't get any better!

Denise said...

You are my treasured friend, love you.