Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Picture Perfect

Christina over at Amanda's Books and More prompted me today.  For her Picture Perfect post she
highlighted her kitty.

Not to be out done I had to join the fun!

My Spy cat.  He plays Mission Impossible . . .

When he is tired from his spy games he loves to take a nap on my bed.  And he loves to choose nap time when I am laying out blocks
 Trying to hide and pretend he is not really here . . .
 Agreeing with the spy kid that it they really, really don't need a nap now . . .
 The spy cat resting up till time to go back outside for more spy games!

And because horses are my favorite animal I had to add this one . . .
 I can't take credit.  I found this on pinterest.  Adorable! 

So don't you think they are Picture Perfect?

I hope your day is Perfect in every way!


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I'll remove it in a day or two. 
Please comment anyway!

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