Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday---Jump

Jump to conclusions . . .

Jump up and down . . .

Jump over . . .

Jump for Joy . . .

Jump into . . .
that's it; that's usually me.  Jumping to with both feet.  Give me a project or a cause.  Give me a little direction and I am jumping in.
And sometimes I get in over my head!  
But I just take a big gulp of air and keep on jumping in! 

It's kind of like the child playing in rain puddle.  Tryin to jump over but instead jumping in.  

I am waiting again on God's direction.  A new ministry opportunity is on the horizon.  

A new opportunity to Jump

Jumping in with Lisa Jo today.  Come over and join the party. 

Click Here

Hope your day is full of Jumping for Joy

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