Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are you still there? Wordfilled Wednesday

Today I am filled with words.  I am glad that isn't how I am typing!
Aren't these old typewriters nostalgic?  I would love to have one
in my office.  (that is if I had an office LOL)

Are you still there I wonder.
 I had to take a little unforseen and unexpected and not asked for blogging break. 
I have missed visiting you.  I have missed your visits here! 

I hope that you'll come back.  I have some very nice things rumbling around in this little 'ole brain.

And I'll be joining all my friends again Denise, Jenny, Brenda, Katherine, Christina and Judith and a lot more for their linkys. 

I didn't mention Sally or Lisa Jo because I was keeping up with them at least.  I couldn't just completely stop cold turkey!  

I have been doing alot of sewing lately.  And I'll be posting lots of snaps.  Starting today for WIP (work in process) Wednesday.  As soon as I get the battery charged snaps of the green quilt I am working on for Rainbow Stash Challenges.

And I've been spending more time at the library.  I love to read!  And I love cookbooks and new recipes.  Have you seen my Tuesday cookbook review posts.  I've enjoyed doing them.  Let me know how you like them!  I think I'll keep doing that for a while.  What do you think?

And then tomorrow I'll be back with an alphabet letter. 
I think Jenny is on 'U'.  Hmmmmm.  I have some ideas!

And look at that banner.  If you've been stopping by I bet your as bored with it as I am.  I really planned to do a new one each month since I learned how to do the collage. 
But, now since we're almost half way through April and since I need to remember to be Joyful even without a computer
and I know I need to be still and wait on the Lord.  

Well maybe just maybe I should keep it up.

So what do you think? 

Just wonderin'

Thank you for stopping by and thanks for leaving a comment even though you have to prove your not a computer.  I promise I'll take the verification off in a couple of days. 

Have a wonderful Joyful and Blessed Day


LV said...

Thanks for your consideration. I donot have cable, and seldom watch TV. In fact, I am still using a converter box my set is so old. I have not wanted a Kindle. I enjoy going to the library and reading from a book. Tech knowledge is the coming thing, so we need to learn more. I do enjoy my computer as it makes me feel I am still connected in the active world.I never thought I would ever learn it, but now so thankful. Believe me I am not an expert like most of the bloggers.

Denise said...

You were missed, glad you are back. I love you.