Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's on your To Do list?

Thinking Random Thoughts Again

I've been a little busy the last  couple of days and I haven't had much time to play with photo's so I could post. 

Which kind of got me to thinking.  Because alot of time I end up posting late in the afternoon.  Sometimes it is around 8:00 a.m. and sometimes it is just after midnight.  Which is why my post from yesterday was up when you visited. 

See what I am really wondering is when do you read/visit your favorite blogs?   

Is My Journey Back on your list.  Do you come by and there is nothing new?  Or are you following and you get email updates.  Which is a whole other topic I would love to discuss.

I hope you don't come by and see nothing new and get discouraged with me.  

Don't get discouraged Please!  I do have a WFW post planned for today.   But I have to run out for a job interview.  I have been busy on interviews!  I just wish I could just get a darn job so I can stop all the insane running around!    So would you mind saying a quick prayer for me! 

I'll be back later to get you a great photo to see.  And if you haven't already signed up for email alerts please do then you'll know when my Random posts are up! 

I leave you with this to ponder  Is My Journey Back on your to do list?

Getting along on the Journey . . .

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