Friday, July 6, 2012

My Story 5 Minute Friday

 Joining with My story.  The story of my blog . . .

The story behind my blog is simple.  I was in a place of lonlieness.  I was feeling emotions like betrayal, anxiety, confusion, anger, fear.  And probably many other emotions that I am even unaware of.    I was leaning on faith and trusting God.  But I also had felt like I lost myself.  I was in fulltime ministry and frankly I was having the time of my life but there was something missing.  A part of "me" was missing.
And then in January  by accident stumbled into blogging.  I first happened onto a Christmas
Home Tour.  I started looking at the photo's and loving the tours.  One of my favorite things is decorating for Christmas.  There was a time that I had a Christmas tree in every room of our house.    The Christmas just passed was one that I didn't put up a tree.  My Cowboy did.  On Christmas Eve I had left to go get my mother to spend the night.  I had gone by the laundry mat on way to her house to wash clothes.  When we got back home he had decorated one of my little tiny trees.    He was waiting on the sofa wearing a Christmas tie with a biege  sweat shir and blue and green plaid flannel pajama pants.  My dog was laying next to him with a red bow on her neck.  They proudly wished me a Merry Christmas.    It was a quiet simple and sad few days.  But those few days were filled with moments of love.  Moments that helped me to stay focused on where I needed to be and focused while I waited . . . Stop

On My Journey Back . . .
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