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The Exiled Element- by John Betcher-Book Review

 I'm thinkin' this one was my favorite . . .

My first feeling/thought when I read the back cover was disappointment.  Yep.  I have to admit I was wonderin' about this one.  Because I was thinking Betcher was sending Beth off into Exile.  And I have to admit in the other 3 books of this series I was wanting more of Beth. 

And, I was pleasantly surprised! 

Check out the trailer . . .

If the trailer didn't get you how about a few more reviews . . .

. . .I love the strong female protagonist Beth, a former agent cajoled back into service because of her unique qualifications, and the character dynamic between Beck, Gunner and Bull. Mr. Betcher has penned a sophisticated novel with multiple layers to keep you turning the pages well into the night. You are whisked away to exotic Egypt where the sights, smells and culture come alive with Mr. Betcher's descriptions. The reader is treated to some local flavors of Red Wing, Minnesota and introduced to a cast of well-developed, believable characters.

Mr. Betcher has out done himself with his current offering. This perfectly-paced thriller should be picked up by all desiring a great story and excellent writing.
Recommended by: S.L. Cohelo (good reads review)

. . . The book was well written, the plot interesting and the movement between the subjects and variations in time were easy to follow. I'm looking forward to the next installment.
By:Jerry (good reads review)

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And then a couple of reviews from Amazon . . .
. . This Became Favorite of Series For Me. I've been a fan from the start of this series--loved every one of them...but his latest is exceptionally exciting and is my favorite so far!  Why? Simply because Beth had, what you might call, a starring role... by Glenda

. . .I've read the entire "Element" series and have enjoyed all of them. The plots are good, the characters believable and like able. I feel as tho I'm friends with the characters. In the "19th Element), the author did some good research.  I'm definitely looking forward to more books based on the "Element" characters! I'm hooked on this series.  by Book Junkie

I have to agree I had really enjoyed each of the books in the Becker series.   And, I can't wait for more.  I have enjoyed how John has taken each of the characters and drawn the reader in. . . I am bettin' that we'll see alot more of Bull in the next installment. 

You can purchase all the Becker series books at  Click here to purchase The Exiled Element.

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I received a copy of The Exiled Element from the author.  I was not asked to write a positive review. 

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