Friday, April 9, 2010

What my week was like . . .

This is what I felt like this week. It was a whirl wind! I woke up and it is already Friday. I had some great posts planned but unfortunately many things go in the way. And now it is Friday and I am beat!

I hope you guys missed me! I hope you were looking forward to stopping in and seeing something new.

Because I write here to share with you what God is teaching me, what I am learning and alot of the time things I like or enjoy!

This was a crazy but productive week for me. We had lots of meetings concerning our housing situation. We met with one of the owners of the property. We are still arranging the financing on our end. Because we are in ministry we are funded by donations. We have some corporate sponsors. We are trying to gather a couple more to be able to make the deal happen.

Last night when we went to the new house to talk about the lease and all we found out from the husband that the real reason the are selling is because they are separated. They had not told us that before. And we were shell shocked. It was sad talking to him. I looked around the house and remembered them showing it to us the first time. It made me sad to see what has developed in just a few short weeks. She has moved to another city. He is out of a job is moving to a different city. He appeared to have little hope.

We told him we would pray for him/them. And he was definitely appreciative he said he believes in prayer. He had told us on our first visit that they had prayed the right people would want the house. He was happy when he met us and learned about the ministry.

You know I started writing today just to put up a quick post to update why I haven't posted. But I think in a way sharing their struggle their need for prayer and their need for God's direction is just what he would have me do.

You know missions is not just about going to some foreign country. It isn't even always about serving as my Cowboy and I do. Sometimes it is about writing a post and sharing your day or your week. Sometimes what is going on in your life and how you handle it and what you share about it is exactly what someone else needed to hear. So I think that just writing a blog in a way sometimes is an act of mission work. Sharing God's love.

And our writing about someone else's needs and struggles and praying together is another form of mission work. That is what I was trying to say on Mon. . . Just because your a stay at home mom. . . Just because you have ''short people' (pre-schoolers) hanging around. . . Just because your homeschooling and your up to your neck in lesson plans and getting things finished before summer. . . doesn't mean that you can't be on mission. . . doesn't mean you can't serve God where you are right now.

Because God can use even the most insignificant thing you do to help someone.

Last night my Cowboy was able to share and council Jeff. When he opened up to us and shared what was going on he was sad. He seemed depressed. Who wouldn't be?

But by the time we left his spirits were lifted. God used that moment. We opened ourselves and allowed him to speak through us.

And so. . . I leave you with the question do you ever catch yourself in a moment and realize you've said something or done something that meant something to someone else. It may have even been when you were wiping a nose or tying a shoe. . . Well I would venture to guess that God was smiling down on you in that moment and he was saying "Well done my good and faithful servant."

You may be on Mission and not even realize it. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment!

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Denise said...

God bless you abundantly.