Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayers Please

Dear friends I am asking for prayers today. Tomorrow I begin our Mission Makeover program at my church. The halfway house where we minister will bring a van full of girls to my church. I have ladies lined up to work with the girls. Above is a photo from an evening with another church where girls that were in our program taught the ladies to sew. Each pair made a quilt top.
Tommorrow we will have a meet and greet. And I will share what we will be doing. (sewing quilts for Christ's Have in Keller, Texas) I will also share a devotional around a great verse Phil. 4:13. I had a really rough week. I am leaning on that verse tonight as I prepare the food for tomorrow.
I covet your prayers, for the girls for the ladies. And for our ministry.
I hope you all have a Blessed Friday. Please come by and visit often and please leave me a comment.
Sending you a hug and Blessings on your Journey.