Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ebay Sales to help ministry

updated 4/15/10 the pig fabric is sold. I will be posting more hopefully on Saturday. Please come back.
Well I have finally taken the plunge and started listing some things on Ebay. If you click on the photo on the sidebar it will take you to the listing for that item. Then on the sidebar there you can find other items we've listed.
I have listed books,Department 56 items, fabric and quilting kits. Above are a couple of photo's of things we have listed.
Since I really don't know what I am doing I set prices based on what I thought I could sell stuff for. If you my loyal readers see anything you want let me know and I will be glad to revise the listings to give you a better deal. Most of them I put my bottom dollar price but if you find something you want I will be glad to change it if we both agree to something fair.
I am going to start putting some photo's up before I post stuff so keep coming back if your interested in fabric or cookbooks. I have a lot more stuff to list. I would rather sell it directly to you and save a little money on listing fee's especially since all the money raised goes directly to help our ministry.
I will write a seperate post about why the sudden push to rash funds so please check back. Until then you can always go here to learn more about the ministry.
Thanks for stopping in and please send your sewing or quilting friends by and tell them about the Ebay listings too.

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Denise said...

Good luck sweetie.