Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Mission Journey

Hi thanks for joining me today and continuing the mission Journey. Wasn't that a great song? I downloaded to use for worship on Sunday at the girls halfway house.

Today I wanted to share with you an opportunity for you to help a local charity.
Did you know that today and tomorrow if you sign up at Good Search and choose your charity that they will get a $1.00 just because you decided to use Good Search?

Here's how it works your charity has to be signed up. And then if you download their toolbar they get $1.00. Everytime you use the Good Search engine they receive One Penny. O.K. I know that doesn't sound like a lot but how many followers do you have? Some of you have over 100 can you imagine if they all did this? And then their followers. And then their followers. See how fast it adds up?

If you don't have a charity well of course I'll invite you to join ours just put in Auto Mission but you can also look at the list that Good Search will provide.

And not only can you help them out when you search when you shop you can also help! Yes when your sitting in your computer chair and your ordering online from Gap or Old Navy your charity can get a % of your purchase! And, if yo shop on Ebay well that is a big %. And there's lots of other shops like Crate and Barrel and many more!

When you download the toolbar it will appear just below your regular Google bar. And each time you go to Gap or Ebay or any of the other shops a little pop will tell you that your purchase helps your charity!

Now of course since we're talking missions this week just think about ministries that are 501c3 in your area. Is there a church that offers a food pantry? Is there an organization that helps abused women and children? What about a prison ministry.

Maybe your local organization doesn't know about this offer from Good Search. Tell them about it. There is still time!

And well if you want you can help our ministry. Just go to Good Search and put Auto Mission Inc. Bedford,Texas as your choice.

Want to know more about us? Here's our blog. Here's our website.

Thanks for coming by. Come back tomorrow for more Mission Journey's.
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