Monday, November 2, 2009

Colors of Fall Mosaic Monday

Welcome to Mosaic Monday. I chose a few photo's that showed some Fall colors. I hope you enjoy these.
I use Picasa for my photo's and it wasn't cooperating this morning so took me a long time to get this done. And then when I tried to post. Below is what posted. So I thought it would be fun to leave it. And give each a caption.

This one was from Country Living. It reminded me of the house that my kids grew up in. We had a bunch of steps to the front door. Ours had a brick wall on either side made for great decorating!

This is another Country Living shot. I cropped this one to remove the Halloween part. I liked it because this look could stay through Thanksgiving.
This one I found on I cropped it too in order to remove the real Halloween look but I just loved the orange door!
I really don't know where I found this one. Hopefully I didn't steal it from someone's blog. LOL. If I did I give you credit whoever you are.
Thanks for posting it and giving me the idea for Fall theme dinnerparty.
For more fun mosaics visit Dear Little Red House.
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