Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is it...It's here...The day you've been waiting for

Ok this is it The Day you've been waiting for! My next Gift a Way to celebrate

Christmas In August!

This is Gift a Way is going to be a litte different but I think you will love it. I am so excited that I want to enter!

Ok here's the skinny...remember yesterday I highlighted some of my favorite meme's on Mosaic Monday? Well two of my fav's are you guessed it Mosaic Monday and Wordfilled Wednesday. This Gift a Way is going to be for these two fabulous groups so if you participate in Mosaic Monday or Wordfilled Wednesday and if you already commented on my Mosaic Monday post you are already entered.

And here's the cool thing there will be 3 prizes. Yes I said 3 prizes. I know I don't do math well. But really I do because anyone that has a blog can enter.

The first prize will go to a Mosaic Monday participant.

The second prize will go to a Wordfilled Wednesday participant.

And the third will go to a blogger that doesn't participate in either.

Here's the deal there are a few rules not hard not even really rules just ways to enter. But there is one rule. If you are the winner of MM or WFW then you have to agree to have one of your Mosaics or WFW posts printed. Because that is the prize.

The MM winner will receive a beautifully framed print of your MM entry.

The WFW winner will receive a beautifully framed print of your WFW entry.

And the non participate will receive a beautifully framed print of one of the above her choice.

And just to make it fun I am even sending a print of the winning entries to Mary and Amy Deane. How fun is that?

I know you are excited to start getting entered so here's the rules:

Gift A Way Instructions
• If you're a "follower" of my blog - your name and/or image appears in my "followers" list - you automatically have an entry in the giftAway. If you're not already a follower, you can become a follower now and you will receive one entry.
• If you write a comment IN THIS POST ONLY, your name will be entered an additional ONE time. Multiple posts here (on this post) will not earn you multiple entries. You must visit everyday and comment each day for additional entries see below.
• If you write a comment IN MY UPCOMING POSTS, your name will be entered an additional one time per day. REMINDER: Be sure to sign your posts so that I know who to credit with an entry and please remember to say you want to enter.
• If you have a blog and post a link to my giftAway, you will earn another ONE entry in the giftAway. (Please be sure to let me know you've done this, so I can give you credit!)
* If you visit my other blog and leave a comment there you will receive an entry.

One last thing the deadline...I am giving you a couple of weeks for this one. The deadline is Saturday August 29th. I will draw on Sunday the 30th and announce on Monday the 31

Now about your prize if your a WFW winner you get to choose which of your WFW posts you want to have as your prize. It must be your's not someone elses. If your the MM winner you choose your MM post. Got it? And the non participate will receive one of the above her choice.

So now that I have written a book here. I hope your not too bored with all this. Please come by and join the party and oh one more thing...just to make sure you've read all this. If you can answer this question correctly you get another enter.

Why Christmas in August?
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