Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy week

Has your week been as busy as mine. It has been crazy busy. And filled with incredible Blessings and opportunity personally and for the ministry.

Below is a photo of how I have spent most of the week. I had to babysit alot! I know he is adorable.

You White Wednesday and 2nd Time followers might remember the table. I was moving it and it ended up right beside my computer table temporarily but it became a wonderful play area. He had the best time. And yes he is a he. Sorry the toy is pink he doesn't realize it. Please don't tell him. It was free. Free is good.

I added one more photo for you. Because my week has been so busy I need a few minutes of peacefulness, relaxing and just enjoying God's promises and provision.
This photo says those things to me.

One of my joys. Thanks for letting me share. I have not forgotten about announcing the Gift a Way winners. I will do that this weekend. Please forgive the delay.
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