Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review

Everyday Greatness was an interesting book for me to read. Personally I had difficulty reading this book. Although it was personally difficult for me I can recommend it. I think it would be a great book for someone that needs encouragement. I am sure one of my issues with it is that it was not spiritual. I enjoyed reading the stories and they were encouraging. I believe that this is a book that I could use for a reading group that I do with teenagers. The stories highlighted in the book are inspirational in a non spiritual way.
It is an easy book to read. You could start at the beginning or pick up and read anywhere along the way. You could read by subject. Subjects include:contribution, responsibility,vision, innovation, respect, empathy and many more. After each section there are quotes and a section called Reflections that include questions that encourage the reader to think about what he or she has just read.
I would give this book 3 stars based on the fact that because it is a compilation of stories personally I would not spend the money to purchase it for myself. However, I would have to say it would make a great gift book for someone. I know numerous people that I would purchase the book for.
You can purchase the book online at it isn't too early to shop for Christmas!
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