Monday, September 15, 2008

Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY September 15th...
Outside My Window... I looked out the kitchen window across the pasture behind our house and saw our cat in the field. He was hunting something. It was a peacful sight that made me smile.

I am thinking... about the things that are on my mind. Many personal financial concerns. Yet I am thinking resolving to trust God and Cowboy

I am thankful for... No matter how many times I mess up and don't realize it; that God is always there. He will pick up the pieces. He will hold me he will sooth my spirit if I ask; and let him. And I am thankful for Cowboy and that he is trying to seek God's will.

From the learning room I am so totally excited to share this. I began a blog for our grandsons. Mainly to share with the one in Missouri what is going on and keep in touch. I saw on someones blog about Bible verse memory by using the alphabet. I was thinking it was cool and how to incorporate that. Then my daughter (who lives here and has the 3 month old) mentioned a friend she is trying to witness to and how inadequate she feels about scripture memory. Her frustration was she went to church all her life and Christian school but she doens't have a lot of verses memorized. It all came together for me. I mentioned to my son about using the blog and all of us memorizing together. The adults and the kids. So viola we are all working on scripture together! I am so excited! Can you tell?

From the kitchen... Beef and cheese enchilada's I have been wanting and needing to make for weeks!

I am wearing... A dinghy white tank and Old Navy drawstring comfy pants that I love. They are a little dinghy and worse for wear and not something you were in public. And white socks and worn out slides. It is a day at home and I am chillin' along with the normal routine.

I am creating... a closer knit family. And praying that God will Bless our efforts through the scripture memory.

I am going... to trust God more. Worship God more. Trust Cowboy more. Because I am learning that if I don't be meek and allow him to handle the things he needs to then I am really not trusting God either.

I am reading... an inspirational novel from my own library. I am not into swapping books. I buy a book and unless I hate it I keep it. The one I am reading now is called Colorado Wings by Tracie Peterson. I have read it before and enjoyed it.

I am hoping... that I can keep the resolve I have to Trust and to not worry. I am also hoping that I can get more organizied quicker and keep a better house to provide a Sanctuary for Cowboy and the kids. And I am hoping that we will be able to discern God's will for us personally and for the ministry. We discussed this morning about finding a different place to worship.

I am hearing... The dishwasher running. And utter quiet around the house. I am hearing God telling me to trust.

Around the house... Moving furniture around to make more room for baby. Last night I had the family over for my mothers birthday. I fed 7 for the first time here. I cleaned all day Saturday. Cooked all day Sunday. And so now I am cleaning the house and kitchen after the weekend event!

One of my favorite things... Dr. Pepper

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Number 1 on my list Prayer we are going through about the hardest time financially that we have ever gone through.
The rest of my plans....
working on the family blog and the memory verse
. . .keeping the baby here on Tues and Thurs.
. . .helping our daughter and supporting them and encouraging them...she is being laid off soon and so with a 3 month old baby that is really hard for them. Another thing to pray about.

Here is picture I am sharing...

This is a photo of one of my friend Amy's new puppies. I intended for Daisy's doggie post yesterday to be about the puppies and with all the birthday happenings I didn't get to write a post. Amy has a beautiful blog and she is the host of Wordfilled Wednesday. A fun meme one of my favorites.

Thank you, thank you for coming by and reading my daybook. Please come by any time I love visitors and I love comments. God really uses this medium to encourage me.
Thanks for being an encourager.

And thanks to Peggy at Then Sinple Woman ,Iris at Stings my heart Thankful Thursday,Amy Deanne at Wordfilled Wednesday,Kelli at There's no place like home my Friday Show and Tell hostess and Amy Wyatt at Then Sings My Soul Saturday. They are all great encouragers through their meme's too. And of course my Daisy who writes on Sunday about all the animal friends she finds while blogging.
They are all listed on my sidebar.
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