Saturday, September 13, 2008

The post that almost wasn't A late Show and Tell

I have had the hardest time writing this post. Yesterday was just crazy and I intended to write about all the things that kept me from posting but I hit the wrong button and deleted it all. Last night when I tried to write the post blogger wouldn't upload the photo's.
They are finally uploaded and here's my post.
We are thinking about weddings because my duaghters friend is getting married. They met in 4th grade and have been friends ever since. Thursday the bride was having her portrait taken and she had asked my daughter to make her flowers.
So since I was thinking about all that I thought I would share our wedding photo's.
Here's my 29 year old portrait.

My mother made my veil.

The first photo is our son and daughter in love. They had a beautiful wedding in March. It snowed and he was afraid he wouldn't make it to the church! I'll have to write more about it another time. They live in Missouri and have the 6 year old son.

And this is our daughter and son in love. It is hard to see her veil in this photo but it is the same veil I wore. I changed the head piece and added some daisy's through out to make it look a little more like the original and I added seed beads to it.

And next a photo of our daughter making her own bougets. She did all the flowers for the wedding. This photo was taken at around 2 a.m. the morning of the wedding.
I was still sewing all those beads onto the veil and she was winding wire around flowers while the groom slept peacefully. His only job showing up at the church.
Isn't that like a man?

Thanks for coming by and seeing my late Show and Tell. I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend.
I don't know what the weather will be like here. I haven't looked this morning but we were supposed to be getting some of the remains of the storm.
Our prayers are with all in Galveston.

BTW look all the way at the bottom. I added something. It is really cute. It really doesn't fit the template but I am changing that hopefully over the weekend. I found this cute little thing on a blog today. You can find it at phyzam. Check it out it is cute.
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