Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday Filled with Words

Good Morning!  Today I am sharing a little different kind of post. 
Kind of more of a letter filled with what I've been up to and plans. 

I slept in and when I was finally up I sat down to read emails. 
And thought I would go by and read posts at HHM. 
Sandra's current photo spoke to me today.  I love the farm table. 

I was already planning today to put out my Spring decor.  A few 
bunnies are already looking over my table from the hutch. 

I have begun dressing the kitchen hutch for the season/holiday. 
It's fun playing 'Dress Up'.  

I have been a bit AWOL here.  Mostly because I've been crocheting and reading alot.   I mentioned in my Saturday HHM post I needed to crochet less.  LOL.  It has become a bit of an 

I am working with 3 different groups.  I get a new block every other week.  It's fun learning new stitches.  I love videos that help explain
the stitches.  I've been wanting to become better at crochet and
make some new modern things.  It's not your grandmothers craft
anymore.  Although I am a grandmother so I guess it is.  

Another reason I have been AWOL and a reason I have just been 
chilling with the crochet is I have had a bit of hard time and hassles with my mothers living in a nursing facility.  A nicer way of saying
'nursing home'.  Which is what it is.  She is mad.  The facility is lacking and that's all I'll say to that point.  Except we are trying/hoping to move her but she is on a waiting list for another 
facility I hope is better. 

And, the cold weather brings me down.  We have had a few warmer days in January and February but lots of rain and with 
the frustrations of other things I think I have been a bit depressed. 

Come on Spring! 
Today I am off from work and I am going to Smile.
I am going to 'Dress The Table'
Sew.  Yes I started that Quilt I've been talking about. 
Have a Good Day!

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