Monday, February 11, 2019

Menu Monday-Spaghetti Sauce From Taco Meat?

Hello I am glad you stopped in.  I am back today to share my menu 
plans for the week and chat a bit about menu planning and implementing 'Said' menu. 

First let's start of with my plans for the week . . . 
This Weeks Menu Plan with updates . . . 
Monday-Leftover Lasagna from Saturday, Salad and Bread
               Taco's a simple yummy meal!
Tuesday -Pulled Pork Sandwich, Potato Salad, Devil Eggs
Wednesday - Beef Pot Pie, Broccoli Salad
Thursday - Crab Cakes, Shrimp Salad, French Fries
Friday- Grilled Venison Sausage/Chicken Sausage, Pinto's, Fried Potato's

Sounds yummy doesn't it?  I thought so when I planned it on 
Saturday morning!  And I had great plans.   But dawng it I've already messed up  and it's only Monday.   

Tonight we won't be having the left over Lasagna.  I ended up eating for lunch on Sunday!  Well not all of it.  Domino had a bowl!  I made individual dishes. One for each of us and one dish for 2 for the leftovers!  

The good news is we ate it all!  

The bad news is I have to rethink Mondays meal!

Falling back on the old stand by Taco's.  They are super simple.  

I already have the meat ready.  I cooked plenty when I did the 
Lasagna on Saturday.  Usually I do it the other way around cooking the Taco meat first.  We've learned we love Spaghetti made from Taco meat.  Adds a flavor that we really like.  

Have you ever tried Spaghetti from leftover Taco meat? 

Did you notice the Taco shells?  I make my own.  We've found that a box of store bought is way too much for just the two of us.  They always go stale.  I like my own better anyway.  I just cook what we need.   
Well I wonder if I'll stick to the menu for the rest of the week. 
Come by on Saturday for my Happy Homemaker post for an update.

Enjoy your week!
Happy Valentines Day!

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