Sunday, February 10, 2019

Family Supper-Valentines Dinner Date

To celebrate Valentines I am re-posting from 2016

Valentines Dinner Date

We have a tradition for Valentines Day at our house.  For the last few years The Cowboy and I have hosted a special dinner for our daughter and grandson. 

We decorate the house and cook a really nice dinner.   
        My Valentines Mantle:

 We had a wonderful time.  It's a special evening for some very special people . . . 
             Valentines Dinner:
                         I always wish I'd gotten more photos! 
In the past The Cowboy has been the waiter and I've been the chef. 
This year we teamed up in the kitchen . . . 
       Meatball Baby Birds on an Angel Hair Nest:
I cooked our grandsons meal of Baby Bird meatballs on an 
angel hair pasta nest.  A hotdog and green beans.  I wasn't sure he'd eat the meatballs.  He didn't Daisy enjoyed them this morning! 

The Cowboy cooked our daughters meal . . . 
       Pan Seared Salmon on Angel Hair:
I felt bad this one came out blurry.  She enjoyed a Salmon straight from Alaska.  The Cowboys co-worker just returned from a fishing trip.  We found crab legs on sale.  So we included a couple to make a nice presentation.  

        We enjoyed a special evening and a special dinner date!

I hope you'll join me this week to celebrate Valentines Day!
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