Saturday, February 23, 2019

Happy Homemaker in Texas

I'm glad your back.  I'm glad I'm back.
I was on a short vaca last week. 

The weather 
Today the sun is out.  Last week we saw very little sun.  A few days it came out around noon.  It was mostly cold and rainy all week. 
I don't do well in this kind of weather.  Glad I don't live in a dreary place where it's cold and rainy. 

Outside my window
From where I sit at the computer now I still see the front yard but mostly bushes. 
Last week I did see a Blue Jay outside my window.  Today it's sunny and a bit windy I can see the bushes blowing.  
Hopefully once it really warms up I won't see those bushes they are old and overgrown and never had any care.  I hope to rip them out.
I plan to put in some native grasses that will be no maintenance and drought tolerant. 

What I am reading 
I am reading this series for a tour.  I was excited to get the offer. 
Not sure how I am liking it though.  It's a good clean book but a little slow so far. 

On the pile
I have a pile to read for tours.  These all look good.  The only new author is the last one.  I'm expecting some great page turning. 

Family news
We've decide to get a brother or sister for Domino.  We are so excited but it is a long slow task.  We are looking for a low low low
cost adoption or free.  We went to the shelter a couple of weeks ago for a free adoption day.  They seemed to be over run with Pit mixes.  We are looking for a 1-2 year old sweet dog for her to play with.  She is such a happy sweet dog. 
Domino visits Mother.  
Here's the visit at Valentines.  Domino took her a sparkly dog . . . 
We want to get another dog that she can play with and to train as a Therapy dog like Domino.

In the garden 
One Hyacinth  has sprouted amid the weeds and the Parsley.
I have no idea what this flower is.  It began blooming in January the first two were  yellow.  It was part of one of the strips of seeds you can buy.  I bought it at Big Lots  2 years ago before  at the. end of Summer I was surprised last Summer how many flowers grew and bloomed.

On the menu
Oh my poor menu.  I have been trying to clean out the freezer.  The Cowboy does not support my menu planning efforts.  He tends to go to store and finds bargains then fills the freezer and I never know whats in it.  Sometimes it's full of ribs sometimes it's full of fish.  
I always have a hard time planning meals.   So lately it's a surprise every night. 

On my To  Do List
1. Get caught up on writing letters
2. Finish putting away Christmas (yes I am so behind.  I still have a few things to find boxes for.  I had some new stuff from Mothers and it was hard getting everything packed away again)
3.  Start some seeds
4.  Get new sections of garden ready
5.  Finish rearranging the kitchen (I have moved the foil, waxed paper etc. to a smaller drawer that I had the towels in.  I switched them it works alot better now. 
6. Spend time at the sewing machine.
7. Read less/crochet less

My Ta Da Moment 
I made it through the week.  I started out behind on everything after my weekend trip.  Which BTW was so much fun . . . 
The stack of books he took for a 4 hour drive . . .
Waiting to compete.   We had a wonderful short trip.  
Then I came home to cold rainy weather and was behind all week.  I just didn't have interest or energy to do more than read and crochet. 

I hope it's a better week.  The sun is shining!

In the craft basket

The start of the new block for the Moogly Crochet Along . . . 

I got this far and thought it didn't look right.  I was advised that my edge was wrong so I re-did it . . . 

Now I am 8 petals in 4 more to go.  I don't like the edge.  And I still think my first one is too long.  I switched to the verigated thread that I had chosen for the project but still don't think I like it.  
Here's what the block should look like.  The pattern is here

I am going to finish up to the grey part where it starts making the 
square.  I just want to see how the pattern works up.  I am sure
I will be ripping out this one and starting over. 

I did get started on this quilt that I have been wanting to make 
since I saw it in December. 
Suburbs Christmas Quilt with a Free Tree Block add on
The pattern is found here at Cluck Cluck Sew.  I love her blog and her work.  This quilt is my inspiration I already have the pattern and have made the block many times in different colors.  I loved her 
color choices a new more modern look.  Here are my first few blocks . . . 
It has been so long since I sewed anything.  The one with the blue door is my favorite.  It's been a challenge finding fabric that would work for the project but I am loving being back behind the machine. 

I loved this one found on Pinterest here's the link but it would not open on my computer so I couldn't go to the site.  I think it's something about my settings changed when we got a new provider. 

 I hope I have a bunch of  Sunflowers this Summer to take some photo's and illustrate scripture like this.  

Thanks for coming by. 
Have a great week!

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