Tuesday, June 13, 2017

 Many, many years ago I had a yearning a desire to be a part of the Woman's Ministry at our church. That was a difficult time for me because I really, really had a longing to be 'apart' as a leader.  

Alone I was studying about being a mentor and I was praying that God would open a door to use me. When it didn't happen I was frustrated and probably a little hurt. 
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Now all these years later I really don't remember the emotions that I felt at that time. But I think I do have an idea why God didn't answer my prayer. Because you see at that time my children were at home. They were both in elementary school. All these years later I wonder if Gods better plan was for me to devote my time to my family at that time in my life.

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In some ways I did devote myself to them but it is always easy for me to get absorbed in other things. It was during that time that I begin quilting. I spent many hours playing with fabric while the kids hung out playing nintendo (yes it was a long time ago) or watched t.v. Don't get me wrong we spent a lot of time together. Our horses at the time were at a rented pasture and so everyday after school we sent straight there and spent the afternoon riding, feeding, cleaning and bedding them down for the night. It was a really pleasant and enjoyable time. It was a time that I wouldn't change for all the money in the world. I firmly believe that the horses played a huge role in keeping my kids 'out of trouble'. By the time we got home every evening it was dinner time and then homework time and bedtime. This went on all through their growing up years. 
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As I think back I think about the time I spent with God. And, if truth be known if I were to logg those hours it would probably fit into a really small spreadsheet. 

As I think back it makes me wonder if unintentionally I was putting my kids and my desires above God. Was unintentionally making idols out of the things in my life? 
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Is there a possibility that things like my quilting habit, my children's activities and even my church activities were things that got in the way of my relationship with my father? Sadly I probably could answer yes. 

I thought of these words . . . Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind,' and 'Love your neighbor as yourself."Luke 10: 27. 

Dear sister are you going through a time in your life when your responsibilities are draining you? Are you like me are you eagerly accepting your role as wife and mommy seriously? Are you spending time with your children and securing their future by allowing into your lives things like sports and activities that 'keep them out of trouble'? Like we did with the horses 

If you are I commend you. But are you like me are you putting all these things before your relationship with your Father? 

Today I urge you to join me in taking some time to sit still and be with the Father. Take some time and just rest and relax and offer Him your heart. 

Take some time and . . . 
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I 'wanna be' a Titus 2 woman. I wanna share my faith and my stories and what I have learned to help you get there before me. 

At this 'time' in my life I have the time to share myself with you. I have the time to share my faith Journey. And as the older, more mature and maybe a little wiser (at least I hope) I have the time to share with you what I have learned and am learning on my Journey. 

Let's Journey together . . . 

Thank you for joining me on My Journey.
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