Saturday, June 3, 2017

Cozy Office Space June Edition

Welcome Friends
I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday
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Today I am sharing again my cozy office space
Back in April I showed you how it looked here
I loved the sweetness of the space and the look but it was time for a change.

And because I find to keep it from looking like this . . . 
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I have to regularly move everything to dust so why not start over with a fresh new pallet.
Everything gone but the essentials.
The computer and pencil box

I love my free leather pencil box from The Container Store.
I said 'Free'. 
Back in the day when The Cowboy worked in the corporate world we used American Express for all our purchases.  For a time they offered gift cards as rebates.  I got some really nice things from Pottery Barn and The Container Store that I would not have normally bought. 


I did keep a few bunnies out because they make me smile and they are functional.  Doesn't everyone need a pot hanger bunny keeps my pens and pencils from running away.  The rock bunny holds down all my pieces of paper and notes to myself. 

I did tidy up alot before inviting you in.  I will show you at the end a little of what a normal day looks like!

I ran across the below picture and decided it was the perfect time to put on my desk to admire . . . 

Then and now.  Look how much hair he had and how skinny he was.  He wore 29" waist pants when I met him in 1974.  
 The perfect time to share?  Our anniversary is this month.
It's been a long time

I surround myself with special treasures, things and people I love.

One more photo before I show you what my desk looks like before my weekly dusting and organizing. 
The Cowboy took this one in 77 I think when he was in college
I was skinny back then!

Here's the desk on a normal day . . . 
My calendar filled with book reviews.  My highlighters I use to mark read, reviewed, written, posted and submitted.  It's a process.

See the little bunny card on the left.  It's written and ready to mailed to my new penpal.  I joined Sarah for her penpal project. 
Her blog is over here. 

And way over to the left you'll see a small stack of books.  I keep the pending ones on top.  There's always 4-5 on the book case next to my desk.  It doesn't get that weekly dusting.  

Just for fun I want to share one more shot just because m silly. . . .  :
The ceiling and window.  A blank pallet.  But there's a plan!
Someday I'll hang a shabby chic chandy.  And get some white 
breezy curtains.  

Curtains/lighting on my to Dream To Do List

So do you have a Dream List?

Thanks for visiting my office space today. 
I hope your weekend is wonderfully Blessed.

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