Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wit and Wisdom

Joining Linda Kay for Wit and Wisdom.  Sharing a story behind a picture . . .

Thought this was a fun photo of my dog Daisy.  I'm sorry you can't see her sweet face.  I like this photo
because she seems to be smiling.  She is a happy girl.

Here is what she is looking at . . .

I was happy to get this shot of the horses in the parade.  This is from our city Christmas Parade last year.
We didn't even realize it was going on.  Our grandson was visiting and we went to take Daisy out for a walk.  All these people from our apartment were walking through the parking lot.  And I asked what was going on?   The city parade goes right down the street by our apartment!

We actually crossed the street because I knew of a bench and picnic table set back off the road.  But close
enough to see the excitement.   We were at the beginning and they were still staging.  When the fireman with the truck drove up to start the parade a fireman was walking along carrying glow sticks.   He saw us and brought one over for our grandson and Daisy.  She is wearing it as a necklace.  She was very bright that night!

We were walking back toward our apartment when we stopped to see the horses on the other side of the bush.  Did you know they always put the horses at the end of a parade?

It was a fun impromptu evening!  I can't wait till December.  I am already making decorating plans.
I'll be hosting my 2nd Annual Holiday linky party beginning Monday August 17th.with a party
featuring a Fall theme.  Come by for details!
Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season.

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