Monday, August 17, 2015

Fall Mosaic Monday

Fall is close.  I see it.  And feel it.  
Sharing today a Mosaic I did a few years ago . . . 
Just a collection of a few photo's I found before the days of Pinterest.  
I included a few of my favorite things.  
So is Fall close where you live?  
And a few plans for this year.  I'm adding Blue . . . 
It's normal to want an orange and blue wedding, right?  Beautiful turquoise pumpkins - full tutorial - using either a real or fake pumpkin
                Source                                                              Source
                                      plush pumpkins blue velvet...cut one large circle, gather the bottom and stitch, lastly gather the top and stuff, add stem and stich the top! Pretty!
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                   Happy Trails

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