Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday--Remember

Joining Lisa Jo's prompt and writing for 5 Minutes . . .
No editing, no backtracking, no self evaluation etc.  Just pure writing. . .

Start . . .
Remember when.  Remember to.  Remember that. 
The word brings up all kinds of memories. 
Remember is a good word I think. 
Remembering when always seems to bring back good memories.
Rarely do I think of a bad memory when I am prompted to Remember when. 
Remember to like wise brings good thoughts.  Remembering to do something important.
I think Remember is a happy word. 
I like happy words. 
Some days I really need to hink happy words.
I remember the good 'ole days that I miss.  The days when our kids were still at home and the yard was full of animals. 
Yesterday I posted about my rabbit Rhett Butler.  Just thinking about him brings back great memories.  I remember when my daughter and I bought two new small bunnies and snuck them into the barn and hid them in a stall and laughing said to each "I wonder how long it will be before dad notices them?"  Much to our chagrin
the very next day a borders little girl comes running up to him and announces their precense! 
Just one great memory.  I like to Remember.

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