Monday, October 22, 2012

Transportation in Blue Monday Mosaic

Transporation is on our mind here.  Cowboy is trying to buy a car to replace his motorcycle that got stolen.  It has been a huge ordeal.  And caused us to be Blue. LOL.  It is hard finding the right kind of transportation.   
Nope not takin' the chance on another bike even if it is Blue.  Well maybe if we had a Blue garage.  

Or how about . . .
Well a really pretty Blue but since we don't live on the beach or a lake we'll have to pass . . .

Now here's an idea!

 I think we're getting somewhere.  Together! 

Well no maybe not!

More dangerous than a motorcycle!

Nope definately not because this is it . . .

Yep perfect!  Opp's there he goes! . . . Well since he's off I think I'll go over to Sally's for a few more Blues.  But before I go I thought I would leave my Monday Horse Mosaic.  Enjoy!

Thanks for beginnng your week with me.   

May Your Journey Be Blessed . . .

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