Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Minute Friday The Race

  • Joining 5 minute Friday where we get to write for 5 minutes with no regrets.  No really thinking it through only taking the time to write about a specific topic  

  • So here goes 5 minutes of . . .

    It wasn't a race I intended to join.   But like it or not I joined the 'Rat Race' this year.  After 28 years as a Stay at Home Mom and then another few years as a Stay Home Wife  (after the kids were gone) I began helping my husband in fulltime ministry.  And I was and am Blessed.

    But this last year things have changed drastically and abruptly and I wasn't ready. I had to go to work full-time.  Not in ministry but a real honest to goodness 'rat race' job.  I have learned in a few short months it really is a 'rat race'  out there.

    It's a race I have been I feel forced to join before I was ready and not for the reasons I would have chosen. 

    It is a very different race than when before my children were born.  I was young very, very young.  Now I feel very old.  At least I am wiser I can see things in the work force differently now and I can understand things now by looking at the whole picture which was something I didn't do as a 20 year old.

    It's a race I have to force myself to join.  It's a race that I have to pray I win.  I have to ask God everyday to give me the strength I need to continue the race.  

    To join the Lisa Jo today at 5 Minute Friday click Here and Race on over!

    On a Blessed Journey . . .

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