Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy July 4th

 A few July 4th moments (dreams)  . . . (sources Google images)  
I have always wanted to leave in a small to town. You know one like from the t.v. show Gilmore girls or the quaint little town in Runaway Bride (loved that movie.  Didn't you?) A great little sleepy quiet town is perfect for a July 4th parades. My favorite part is the horses. So I googled and found a few images.

Adorable.  I can just see my daughter and grandson and a pony all decked out in Red, white and blue!

 My grandson.  Looks like the 4th doesn't?  Actually this one is a couple of years old.  But when I dream of small town living part of that dream is all of us living close again and I see him on the street watchin the parade. 

This one cracked me up.  Someone did a lot of work.  Very patriotic!

I hope if you live in a small town and you get to see a parade you have a great time!  Stay Cool!

Happy July 4th

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