Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So what do you crave?

Today I am joining my sweet blogging friend Alicia.  She's talking about dieting struggles over at her blog (link below)
I wanted to share with you a great book that I was offered to review.  I am jumping the gun on my post but I'll just post again on my assigned day.  (I hope they don't send out the police. Please don't tell!) 
Anyway here's the great book that helps us answer the ? What do you Crave?  And,  what/Who do you want to crave?
Maybe I'll share the video first.  Check this out.

Now here's the book...

I am only part way through.  I am watching the video and it is great.  It is a great study.  The book is a great read.  

So, after you've visited Alicia today (Here's her link) run out and buy the book! 

Please pray for Denise aka Shorty Bear.  (Here's her link).

Have a great day Craving God!
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