Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why...

I haven't posted. Actually one and it is huge!  My computer broke and now I share my Cowboys.  I don't get much time.  But the positive is I have more time to read and I just finished a great book!

Loved it.  I snuggled in yesterday during our latest blizzard (ok maybe it wasn't really a blizzard but snow in Texas is a reason to snuggle in!) 
Anyway I loved having the chance to read uninterrupted.  This was a great book and fun story.  I was captured and captivated from the beginning to the end. 
This is one that I would recommend for really any age.  It was just a sweet story that was not overly romantic (graphic)
 or overly preachy. 
I found it is available at Amazon (left a long review there) and probably a bunch of other places but since my computer time is short I didn't get to spend much time checking. 
Just take my word for it.  Check it out. 
Buy it for someone for Valentines. 
BTW it was Audra Jennings at B&B media that offered this one for me to read and review. 
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