Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed In...Sewing...Thinkin'

This week my mind has been jumbled.  This week I have missed posting.  I have missed visiting your blogs.  This week I have been a little frustrated since my computer crashed. 
For the time being I am using sharing Cowboys computer.
But hopefully next week the company that gives us donated space will let me use a computer in an empty office.  We are going to ask on Monday.  I so hope so!  Would you say a little prayer me?
That is really a little selfish of me because what we really need is a new computer for the ministry. (Click here)  But for the time being we wait for God to provide.  And, I guess I really should ask you . . . Would you say a big 'ol huge prayer for our ministry and that God would provide a new MAC so we can do our chapel services? 
Even though I haven't been able to post much this week even if I could have I am not sure what I have said.  My mind is so jumbled with everything that is going on. 
It has now been one complete week since our apartment manager let me know not to do a calendar for this month. 
What this means.  I do not know.  Since providing activities for the residents is what pays our rent.  All I can do is question?  What is happening.  When will we know something?  Will they just send an email one day and say more program you need to pay rent or move?  So many ?'s I have. 
But even with all the unanswered ?'s I know that all I can do is trust.  Because God is faithful.  God is good. 
I have struggled all week when I have had small bits I time when could post I have struggled with what to say.  Because I want to give you something to encourage you.  I want to share something to make you smile.  And, right now I ? what I have to share. 
And, the thing is I can share that God is faithful . . .
God is good!!!!!!!
yep he is.  And, I stumbled on a song that reminds me of that. 
He is stubborn.  Yes, he is stubborn.  He is doesn't give up on me when I have too many ?'s
And, he doesn't give up on you.  Here's the song that reminded me of that. 

And, as I was sitting here typing I heard this amazing song.  And I realized he had something for me to share with you.

He wants us to know that when were facing trials and frustration that is when those roots are getting deeper and deeper.
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