Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where is the Journey going?

Maybe you've wondered where I have been the last couple of days.
Since Friday well actually Thursday I have been busy with . . .

A little of this.

Some of this well actually a lot!
And a lot of this!  I have been doing a lot of reading in between the above!
For the last few days we have been having to do a little packing and a lot of moving of our records and boxes of supplies for our ministry.  Today we got the keys to a new 'little' building.  It is the smallest space we have ever had but the dynamics of our ministry has changed so much in the last few years we realize we don't need a lot of space. 
We were able to rent 1,000 square feet of office and workshop space.   Between our regular activities of chapel, meetings and working with the youth we've been sorting through supplies and figuring out what we need to keep, what needs to be stored for now and what needs to go. 
And during all the driving back and forth I have been reading. 
I have a bunch of books in various stages of the review process. 
Some still waiting.  Some finished. 
Some reviews ready to be published. 
So, I hope you haven't been disappointed when you've come by.  I promise I will get back to regular posting in the next couple days. 
So come on by and leave me a comment and let me know you've been here.

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Denise said...

Always here, loving you, and praying for you.