Thursday, October 7, 2010

BoBo's Daughter--Book Review

The darling cover photo depicts the first time the author met her famous father.  Two first's happened to Bonnie when she was 4 years old.  She went to the circus for the first time.  And she met her father for the first time. 

Back Cover:
Bonnie Barnett first met her father (Chester “Bobo” Barnett) at the circus. She was a four-year-old spectator; he was one of the world’s most famous clowns, a veteran performer for shows like the Shrine Circus and The Ed Sullivan Show. Though his star persona was always present in the periphery of her life, she rarely got to see him in person, and the inconsistency of her mother, a former clown herself, only increased her loneliness. As she entered adulthood, put herself through college, and sought spiritual fulfillment, Bonnie found herself seeking out her father at every turn. It wasn’t until she finally showed up at his doorstep that he stopped being a larger-than-life myth and became a very human father, full of faults, regrets, and love. Bobo’s Daughter recounts Bonnie’s quest for the affection and acceptance of her legendary father–and the lessons she learned along the way.

This is an amazing story filled with child hood memories.  It is a story filled with hope and hurt and healing.  It includes family photo's and gives the reader a glimpse into circus life. 

Here's what others are saying . . .
“I have worked with hundreds of memoirists, and I learn something from each, but no life story has taught me more about how to heal yourself through love than Bonnie Ann Barnett’s. Her father was literally a clown, and as clumsy at fatherhood as they come. If she could do the work of making a relationship with her parent, any of us may find a way.”
—Tristine Rainer, author of Your Life As Story and The New Diary, Director of Center for Autobiographical Studies

“This is a heart-griping story of one woman’s search for her roots simply begun, yet unfolding through twists and turns in the exciting circus world. You will laugh and cry as you walk thorough this heart-rending, yet thrilling journey with the author. You rejoice as you discover that the real purpose of the odyssey was ordained by God to bring the writer to the real meaning and purpose of life.”
—Pastor Jim Nelson, Associate Pastor, The Church on the Way, Van Nuys, CA

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This book can be purchased at Amazon. 

Thanks to Lindsay at Phenix and Phenix for providing a copy for this review.

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