Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Soul Sings

I don't have a Then Sings My Soul post this morning. Partly because my mind is racing and I can't think of a song. All that going through my mind is My Hero Walks on Water by B-Shoc and I Believe by Brooks and Dunn which is a great song.

This morning I needed to update my friends on what is going on. We basically are homeless. We lost the lease on the house due to the major corporate sponsor backing out. All our belongings are in storage.

Currently we are staying with friends in an r.v. which isn't bad but there is no water and we only have till next weekend here. Our dog has to stay outside in a crate at night and on the leash during the day. This because she smells. Probably because it is so hot and she has spent so much time in the car. We don't know what to do about our cat.

We have a number of options for housing but nothing that will allow the animals. I tried to find a no-kill shelter for the cat last night. They are all full.

On the bright side Cowboy got a job and starts Monday.

I should have used Praise You In The Storm for this post but for some reason it just didn't seem to fit. Although I am praising God for a place to sleep. I am praising God for Cowboys job. Which btw he is so excited about. It is working on Hot Rods. They offered full time but they know about our ministry so he gets to make his own schedule around the ministry programs. schedules. It is exciting because the owner of the shop loves our ministry and wants to help with the boys and possibly teach the boys. He said that he has wanted to expand to a bigger building near the current one that has a house so we could possibly move there. He was hopefull we might consider then he would have someone on site.

There are many positive things happening and so I do have lots to Praise God for. I know that thought this experience he is grooming me. For what I don't know. But I do know that just what I wrote this morning is only the very tip of the ice burg. There are so many more things that I could write about our ministry experiences that I think would help and encourage. I know when the time is right he will give me the words to put it all together here for you.

Until then my friends will you please pray for us. Pray we find housing really, really soon that we can afford that will allow the dog and cat. Please, please pray that we can find a temporary solution if we need to for the dog and cat.

Cowboy and I are fine. Well we need a shower (please don't pitcure that) and we will get one this afternoon at my mom's. She has been out of town and doesn't know any of our situation. I'll be going over there later this afternoon and dropping the bombshell on her and taking a shower!

Praying peace to you and God's Blessings.
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