Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Other Words . . .

One of Eve’s biggest mistakes was she stopped and started to think about what Satan was saying and it made sense to her. Not everything God tells us makes sense but that’s where faith comes in. We need to learn to be lead by our hearts and not our heads.” by Joyce Meyers

Today I am joining my friend Denise and some of her friends and joining In Other Words . . . (writing about a suggested quote...see more at the end of my thoughts)

Making sense out of what is going on. Wow this is an amazing topic to think about for me right now. I have nothing else to do right now but to lean on faith. I have been trying to think about our circumstances. I have been trying to make plans and figure out what to do. There would be those that would look at what we are going through and judge us. In fact ever since we stepped out in Faith and followed God's calling we have been accused of many things. Through faith we have trusted God to provide for us and the ministry. And he has in miraculous ways.

But now. . . as I sit in a weekly motel while all my belongings are sitting in storage I have to wonder. Just what is going on?

This is what is going on . . . Cowboy is at work . . . my dog is laying on the floor beside the bed . . . my cat is curled up at my feet . . . There is Dr. Pepper in the 'fridge . . . I have stew going in the crockpot for dinner . . . Our church gave us the money for gas and the motel for two weeks till Cowboy gets a pay check. And, I get the inter-net for $4.95 for the entire time we are here. (The J.W. Marriott in Houston charges .99 a minute just got back from a convention there)
Our God supplies.

I don't understand. I mean who would think that one week you get an award for best Chaplaincy program in the state and then two days later your homeless.

But what I know is "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him and he delivers them. " Psalms 34:7 God has a plan I have to be patient. I have to trust. I have to take it a day at a time. I have to trust.
Today if your asking questions of God or if your praying and he doesn't seem to answer you. Don't give up. He does answer. I know. He provided us a place to stay. He provided my Cowboy a job. That was a huge mircle! And he loves it! That is a huger miracle. (I know 'huger' isn't a word but I liked it)

We do need to lead with our hearts. And not our head. Even when people criticize. Even when people don't get what your doing. Even if your like us and your living by faith or maybe your struggling with homeschooling, or breastfeeding and you have family that isn't supportive. Maybe your struggling with going back to work to make ends meet. Maybe your struggling with where you and your family needs to worship. Listen to your heart. If you allow God he will give you direction. I love this verse Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4. I interpret these words this way. I figure that if I trust God as his words tells us. And I seek him. That the desires I have in my heart are those that he has put there. So let people criticize. Let people talk about me. Let people wonder.
So today I ask you if your struggling listen to your heart and listen to your God.

Today this song spoke to me so I wanted to with leave it you. I pray your day is Blessed as you listen to your heart. (the info. about In Other Word's is below the song. Enjoy)

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