Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have decided . . .

I have decided that I am definitely a dummy at blogging...hence the label here.
I have no idea why this photo decided to land over there.
I didn't ask it to but I suppose it had it's own purpose.
I have also decided which is the real reason for his post to let you all know that I am working on a new blog. Yes. I am crazy. I know I have a hard time posting here sometimes. And my poor other blog just seems deserted at the present time. But I really think this new idea is great and will help out the other two and actually pull them all together. Each having their own specific purpose. Hopefully my readers will be able to navigate my postings easier.
So soon. Very soon. Like maybe this weekend. I hope to unveil my Book Review Blog. Hence the photo on the side of this post.
I will still be writing a few reviews here. I will still put some reviews over at My Home Sanctuary too. Things like cookbooks, novels, young adult novels, homeschooling books etc. Each blog will have it's own intended theme and purpose. Here you will find reviews that fit my theme here. You know what it is. And my new blog will have all the reviews in one place.
I am really excited about this. Like I said I have been thinking and praying about it a long time. I almost had my mind made up and then today I received affirmation. I actually got emails from two separate publicists today asking me to review books. One that represents Christian authors and one that represents all types of genre's. That was a wow for me. So I hope you will come back soon and check out my links. And, if you like what you read and want to read more and purchase a book follow the link to Amazon and you'll actually be helping me and our ministry out too.
Before you leave check out my review page.
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