Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

Last week I joined a group dedicated to memorizing scripture. Each Monday Beth we are assigned a new verse to learn during the week. Last week we learned

Psalm 119:15 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.
This one was easy for me because it was already hidden. I just had to find it. I learned this verse along time ago probably when I was in G.A.'s (Girls in Action missions group for middle/jr. high and high school girls)
Once I started working on it last week it was easy to remember it.

But I find my problem is being able to think of a particular verse when I need it. I am thinking of maybe trying to categorize each verse with one word. Like heart for this one.

I was wondering does anyone else have a way they memorize scripture. I thought
it would be fun and useful to share with everyone. I'll add Mr Linky (once I figure out how) and ask you all to join and share how you learn and memorize scripture.

Disclaimer...I am also labeling this post Dummies at blogging. Because I can't figure out Mr. Linky. It is here though I had to by pass the regular instructions. The disclaimer is because I used it from a previous post I wrote for More Than A Friend so if you find your link already there I am sorry. If anyone can explain to the dummy how to do a new Mr. Linky please email or do a tutorial.

Here's the verse we're working on this week.

I am the LORD, and there is no other; besides Me there is no God: I will gird you, though you have not known Me.....Isaiah 45:5 (NASB)

Tomorrow I'll share how I memorize but remember please come back and link up because I know there are other methods and ideas and I would love to learn yours.

Have a Blessed Day.


Carla said...

I don't memorize:)
I read (with prayer), and hold tight to the promise that I will remember it when I need it.
Those of you that do-Kudos to you!
(my poor little brain doesn't work that way)
A dear friend of mine has her kiddos learn by shooting hoops everytime they get it right-even her little bitty ones can quote scriptures!

Lois Christensen said...

I have a hard time memorizing now as an adult. BUT when I was a little girl we had to memorize a new verse every week for Sunday School. And I'm surprised that I still can recite verses when they come to me. Great job in your memorization. Why not put a book together and label them that way? Nothing wrong with looking up something when you need a verse to speak to you!!!

Denise said...

You are doing an awesome job my friend.

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Well my brain learns with i imagine a picture with a vers or literally i write it down over and over...One moment it "sticks" and my brain can recall it.....

sailorcross said...

Thanks for joining in, Sherry!! Memorizing--I read the verse, delve into the meaning of it, pray over it, use the verse in prayer and sometimes when I send someone an email--I type it after my name as part of my signature. Finger to brain knowledge.

I like the idea of keeping a journal by say--categories--Good idea you have going here!!