Sunday, March 8, 2009

Test post

Boy do I feel stupid. I have been reading all these amazing posts by you sweet sisters and wondering how you do some of the fancy stuff like changing the size of text. And like color.
  • and adding bullets

Now the bold I already figured out. No actually I learned it somewhere a while back I think on Blogging 101 or one of those places.

But all the cool text stuff I learned from Angie at The Knightly News. I mentioned her fancy stuff in a comment on one of her posts and she was so nice to tell me how to do it. I thought it was some fancy smancy (Is that a word) type stuff and duh it wasn't it was here all the time.

OK here's why I was such a dummy. I was writing my posts on the edit html tab not the compose tab. One the edit html tab all that shows up is the spell check,photo, and link buttons.

And so now that I have learned all this fancy smancy stuff you'll see some really pretty posts!

Back to My Journey I hope yours is a Blessing.


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